Massage rules

Erotic massage is not provision of sexual services. Kissing, oral or conventional sex is not part of the massage. You cannot even pay extra for these things. On the contrary, proposals like this insult the masseuse and she may end the massage. You can however caress the masseuse’s body.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is conventional massage with an erotic charge and arousal. The masseuse will perform the massage completely naked or will be dressed in sexy lingerie. Special massage oil is used during the erotic massage to ensure that her touch is as pleasant as possible.

Every masseuse has her own individual style and this is why each masseuse will surprise you in her own special way. The masseuse’s whole body is used to perform the massage, including the breasts and bottom. The erotic massage is effectively accompanied by massage of the intimate parts of your body, which the masseuse devotes sufficient time to right until the end of the massage.

Erotic massages are very popular among men, women and even couples nowadays. An erotic massage is a means to rest your mind and body. The massage is a good way to top up your batteries and improve your mood. Couples use erotic massage to spice up their relationship and treat themselves to interesting moments of intimacy during it. Women frequently order an erotic massage for their partners as a gift or surprise. Because no sex or even oral sex takes place, this is not regarded as the partner being unfaithful.

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