Massage rules

Erotic massage is not provision of sexual services. Kissing, oral or conventional sex is not part of the massage. You cannot even pay extra for these things. On the contrary, proposals like this insult the masseuse and she may end the massage. You can however caress the masseuse’s body.

Nuru massage


NURU massage is an exotic type of massage which originated in Japan and which is in particular performed body on body (i.e. the naked masseuse rubbing her body against your naked body, which creates a very intimate atmosphere) using a special and very slippery NURU gel. Out talented masseuses know exactly how to make this massage really hot, sensual and a unique experience. Nuru massage is not so far very well known in our country, but it is so exceptional that it certainly is worth trying. It is also a very healthy and enriching experience, because the seaweed (which nuru gel is made from) is known for its detoxifying properties. This means that together with absolute relaxation, you will leave with the feeling of pleasantly smooth and clean skin. Go to a place where they understand nuru massage and use only original NURU products.

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Availability masseuses on a given day can be verified by phone, sms or immediately using the online form (click on the first check availability 2. Choose the type and length of massage 3. Box at masseuse whom you choose and you will see free periods). You can also explore schedule masseuses on a particular week.

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Massage can be ordered by phone
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From 9:00 to 21:00. SMS accept orders non-stop (if you order send SMS outside of working hours will be processed at the beginning of the next day).


We accept orders via “instant messaging” WhatsApp, Viber
Just us through these applications contact number: +420735006009 and book a massage. In case of unavailability, please use the online booking.


Ordering online takes 2 minutes and have to verify whether the masseuse free term. In order you not need to enter your full name, your first or nickname. The order must be confirmed by SMS.