Massage rules

Erotic massage is not provision of sexual services. Kissing, oral or conventional sex is not part of the massage. You cannot even pay extra for these things. On the contrary, proposals like this insult the masseuse and she may end the massage. You can however caress the masseuse’s body.

Penis massage ‘LINGAMU’

The lingam penis massage has a long tradition behind it, originating from the Kamasutra, the tantric and Taoist approach to sex. As opposed to masturbation, the aim of a lingam tantric massage is not immediate orgasm and thus release of sexual tension. It teaches you to get to know your own body, develops your fantasy, harmonises the body and mind and provides you completely new feelings from touch and arousal. It is often understood to be a higher form of meditation and is not at all connected to orgasm, but above all experiencing of feelings and arousal.

This massage has the power to rid the man who is receiving it of stress and tension. Regular massage is able to improve the overall state of health of a man’s sex organ because alternating techniques are used during it which gradually but thoroughly get the blood flowing there with a feeling of deep relaxation.

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