What is the course of massage?

After arrival into the parlor “Climax” you will be pleasantly greeted with selected masseuse, who will take you to a room where erotic massage will be held. We will offer you free drinks and on this occasion will be asked if they want to pay special attention to certain parts.

After consulting yours needs, masseuse can join you in the shower upon your request in spacious showers located in every room. If you prefer a separate shower, a masseuse will return soon to the room when you are ready to take a massage.

The massage itself is started with masseuse starts taking of her clothes (which can be more gradual), and she begin massaging naked, all of course can be watched through the mirrors installed in the massage room, or you can just close your eyes and pamper yourself with a massage. If you chose Nuru massage, masseuse will apply a special and very slippery Nuru gel and begins to massage your entire body (body to body massage).

Standard massage blend imperceptibly into the erotic massage where the masseuse devotes enough time to intimate parts of your body (even throughout massage), to prepare you for a long massage of the penis, which leads to a complete “climax”.

After the massage you can have the next shower, during which you will slowly recover from the great experience and we hope that we will soon revisit us.